Students who are not local residents will have the option of residing at St. George Residence, a three-building complex in Brooklyn Heights that provides housing for students and interns who are based temporarily in the New York metro area. Offering students the opportunity to experience the charm of Brooklyn Heights and surrounding neighborhoods, St. George Residence is conveniently located less than 200 feet from the subway station, which takes approximately 30 minutes to arrive at Lincoln Center.

The Summer Ballet Intensive will serve lunch each day at the rehearsal studios, an expense covered in the tuition package for both day and residential students. Breakfast and dinner are not included in the tuition package.  St. George Residence is equipped with community kitchens where students can prepare breakfast and dinner, and the Summer Intensive staff can arrange for students to receive these meals at their own expense.

Dedicated to ensuring the well-being of its participants, the Intensive will provide live-in chaperones at St. George Residence.  Participants are expected to make responsible decisions during independent time outside the rehearsal studio.