The IJ Summer Ballet Intensive welcomes applications from qualified candidates in the form of a photo and video audition submission via our online portal.


  • Advanced dancers with significant prior training in classical ballet
  • Aged 15-22 at the time of the program
  • Seriously considering dance as a career and/or major area of college study; or, currently employed in the corps de ballet of a professional company
  • Available to participate in a full two- or four-week session



Three photos in pointe shoes exhibiting the following positions:

  • Demi plié in 1st position with arms at the sides
  • Tandu devant effacé with arms in 4th position
  • 1st arabesque en l’air de côté (facing side; standing on point not required) 



Video auditions should be no longer than 3 minutes, and must reflect the dancer’s current level of training and artistic strengths.

  • Each video should begin with the dancer clearly stating his or her name and age.
  • Videos should include basic elements of technique that best exhibit the dancer’s strengths and artistic abilities. The dancer may chose the individual elements included in the video, but it must be to musical accompaniment. Examples of elements that may be included are as follows: 
    • Grand Adagio with développés in each position, promenades, and pirouettes
    • Petit Allegro including jumps on two feet, jetés, temps levés, assembles, and beats
    • Grand Allegro including grand jetés and tour jetés, and either balances or waltzes

Please note all audition videos should be uploaded to an existing host website such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and the link provided in the application.



  • The dancer must be dressed so as to clearly enable the viewer to observe the dancer’s technique: 
    • Ladies should be in a plain leotard or tights with a tight fitting top and hair neatly brushed and in bun.
    • Men should wear a white T-shirt and black tights with white shoes or socks.